Civilian Clothing Allowance

Officers are precluded by law from receiving a CCA while assigned to a permanent duty station within the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska)

Enlisted personnel may be eligible to receive a CCA while permanently assigned to a duty station within, or outside, the United States; however, there are very few duties within the United States that would require enlisted Service Members to wear civilian clothing in the actual performance of their official military duties, thereby justifying the payment of CCA

Examples of a mandatory requirement to wear civilian clothing include:
(1) Certain overseas locations where the political climate precludes the wearing of uniforms.
(2) Assignment to duties for which the wearing of uniforms would compromise lives or security.
(3) Duties for which the military identity of the Service Member must be protected.
(4) The physical safety of others in close contact with such members might, or would be, compromised (e.g., Secret Service).

More information can be found in MILPERSMAN 722-230