Uniform Update

BLUF: This Uniform Update covers a number of lingering issues to include the NSF ID badge, Female Cover, Exercise Suite, Command Ball Caps, Type II Boots and FAQ’s



1.  This NAVADMIN announces uniform program updates and policy revisions regarding Navy Security Force (NSF) identification badges/patches, implementation schedule for the Navy fitness suit,female Sailor dress covers, expanded manner of wear of female officers and chief petty officers Service Dress Blue (SDB) uniform, safety boot wear, wear of Coyote Brown Command Ball Cap and optional Cold Weather Parka, new uniforms availability update and uniform regulations improvement initiative.

2.  NSF Identification Badges.   Effective immediately, reference (a) is revised regarding the eligibility criteria to wear NSF
identification badges and patches as follows:
a.  NSF Badge/Patch.  All security limited duty officers/chief warrant officers (649X/749X) and masters-at-arms will wear the NSF badge/patch for the duration of their duty within the career path. Personnel who change designators or transition out of the NSF career field will no longer be authorized continuous wear of the NSF badge.
b.  Correction Specialist Badge/Patch.  Personnel assigned the Navy Enlisted Classifications 2008/9575/9516 and performing Correction Specialist duties will wear the Corrections Specialist badge/patch for the duration of their assignment only.
c.  Command Master-At-Arms.  Command master-at-arms will now be referred to as chief master-at-arms (CMAA).  Personnel assigned permanent change of station to CMAA duties will be authorized to wear the CMAA badge/patch for the duration of their assignment only.

3.  Navy Fitness Suit.  Due to unforeseen technical production issues, the introduction of the Navy fitness suit as announced in
reference (b) is postponed.  Target release date for introduction of the Navy fitness suit at Recruit Training Command (RTC), Great Lakes is 1 April 2017, with fleet availability for personal purchase at Navy Exchange (NEX) Uniform Centers and Uniform Call Centers to follow.  A future NAVADMIN will provide an update on introduction and fleet availability schedules.

4.  Female Dress Covers.  The deadline for mandatory wear of the alternate and unisex Combination Covers for female officers and chief petty officers (CPO) as directed by reference (b) is extended from 31 October 2016 to 31 October 2018.  The enlisted White Hat remains mandatory for wear with jumper style uniforms only.  The enlisted E1-E6 female combination cover is required for wear with the four button coat SDB uniform until 31 December 2019.  Female Sailors E1-E6 may optionally wear the enlisted White Hat or female Combination Cover with maternity uniforms until 31 December 2019 to coincide with the termination wear date of the female E1-E6 four  button SDB uniform.  Female officer/CPO female combination covers are no longer available for purchase at the NEX Uniform Centers. Female E1-E6 Combination Cover availability is very limited through the NEX Uniform Call Center at 1-800-368-4088.

5.  Female Officer and Chief Petty Officer Service Dress Blue Uniform.  Effective immediately and until further notice, optional
wear of male E7 and above SDB trousers is authorized with the female SDB uniform.  The manner of wear of male trousers is per current uniform policy.

6.  Safety Boots.  As directed by reference (c), black leather safety boots (steel toed) are the standard boots worn with the Navy
Working Uniform (NWU) Type III uniform for CONUS and U.S. territories.  Authorized black safety boots include the 9-inch black smooth leather NWU boot, the 9-inch black rough-side-out leather NWU boot and the 8-inch flight deck safety boot.  Black leather safety boots (steel toed) are sea-bag-required items and are required afloat and ashore in environments mandating safety shoe wear. Authorized exceptions for wearing black safety boots with the NWU Type III are as follows:
a.  Brown safety boots when issued as organizational clothing for wear in environments such as flight duty, construction battalion duties or similar requirements.
b.  Navy certified desert tan or coyote brown rough-side-out leather non-safety boots in environments not requiring safety boot wear may be worn optionally at the discretion of the commanding officer.  Optional boots not required as organizational clothing will be procured at the expense of the Sailor and not the authorizing command.

7.  Coyote Brown Command Ball Cap.  Reference (d) authorized the optional wear of Coyote Brown Command Ball Caps with the NWU Type II and III uniforms.  The manner and occasion for wear of the Coyote Brown Command Ball Cap is consistent with the Blue Command Ball Cap as outlined in reference (e).  For officers O5 and above, Navy head gear visor ornamentation shall be gold in color consistent with Navy standards.
8.  Cold Weather Parka.  The wearing of rank insignia as announced in reference (f) is updated as follows:  Until further notice, the display of rank insignia by Sailors E4 through O10 will be via metal rank insignia or NWU Type I slip-on rank insignia centered on the rank tab of the Cold Weather Parka.  A black slip-on rank insignia is being developed for replacement of the NWU Type I insignia and will be announced pending availability.

9.  New Uniform Availability.  The new jumper-style female enlisted SDB began introduction at RTC on 1 October 2016.  Fleet availability is expected to commence at fleet concentration areas beginning February 2017.  The new female officer and CPO Service Dress White coat is available now for purchase at NEX Uniform Centers and Uniform Call Centers.  The NWU Type III is on schedule for introduction at RTC Great Lakes beginning 1 October 2017.  Fleet availability via NEX Uniform Centers is tentative for fall 2017. Future NAVADMINs will provide fleet updates on new uniform availability to include the NWU Type III fielding plan.

10.  Uniform Regulations Update.  The Navy Uniform Matters Office (UMO) is committed to providing quality content and modern depiction of Navy uniform policies and uniform components via its website. The website modernization initiative is underway and serves to enhance rapid dissemination of information regarding uniform policy changes, improved user experience, and to post updates of new uniform features and illustrations.  The UMO website update is part of a broader collaborative initiative starting with color illustrations and timely updates of the latest uniform policies.  To ensure we are addressing the needs of the Navy fleet input, recommendations and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.  Future changes will encompass recommendations based on majority input and fiscal viability.  When providing recommendations, please send to Ask The Master Chief via: HTTP://WWW.PUBLIC.NAVY.MIL/BUPERS-NPC/SUPPORT/UNIFORMS/ or umo_cmc(at)navy.mil.  All recommendations will be responded to in the order received.

11.  Navy uniform policies and update announcements are driven by feedback received from the fleet requesting policy change, update or clarification.  The official method of communicating uniform policies to the fleet is promulgated by Navy leadership via a NAVADMIN with follow-on publication in the U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations (reference (e)).  Please direct feedback to Ask The Master Chief via http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/support/uniforms/ or umo_cmc(at)navy.mil.
12.  Direct questions regarding the contents of this NAVADMIN to the UMO Office via e-mail to Mr. Robert B. Carroll, Head of Navy Uniform Matters at robert.b.carroll(at)navy.mil, LSCS(AW/EXW/SW) Judith P. Nelson-Williams, Deputy Head at judith.nelson(at)navy.mil, or PSC(SW/AW) Manuel A. Guiracocha at manuel.guiracocha(at)navy.mil.

13.  Direct questions regarding the specifications and authorized procurement sources of the Coyote Brown Command Ball Cap to NWU Type II/III Program Office, Navy Exchange Service Command, Mr. Mark Stephens, Director at mark.stephens(at)nexweb.org.

14.  Direct questions regarding Navy Security Badge/Patch occasion for wear to CDR Charles Cowart, Director, Navy Security Forces – Code N1SF, U.S. Fleet Forces Command at charles.cowart(at)navy.mil.

15.  This NAVADMIN will remain in effect until superseded or cancelled.  File this NAVADMIN until reference (e) has been updated to reflect the new policy changes.
16.  Released by Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, N1.//